While not specifically designed for young ones, this Stand-to-Pee device is super easy to use for all types of bodies at all ages and can help some get used to peeing while standing before moving on to more realistic devices. 

Just press the wide end up to a vulva, tilt the other end down, relax, and pee! We found this very easy to use and take ours anywhere we don't want to sit down.

While we find this easy to use, we suggest practicing in the shower first...

We currently carry the Pstyle in Dark Blue & Clear. This STP device is rigid and does not bend.

SIZE: About 7.5" long

 As is the case with all StPs, we cannot guarantee that this product will work for you. Most StPs take some practice using before you take it out in the real world. Please note that all sales are final. 

$ 12.00