Packer Holder

Packer Holder

This kid-sized packer holders were made to be used with our Extra Small Silicone Packers. The clever design has magnets that fasten around the waistband of your child's underwear (so just a small flap is on the outside of the unders). Super easy to wear and holds that packer securely in place!

We also have this in a larger size for youth who are using the Small (not mini) Archer or Pierre Packer or the Masho (or any other packer that is not mini). It is a very dark blue with a more square shape and is about 4" x 6".

We suggest removing one of the magnets to make getting the packer in easier. 

Regular is about 3" Wide and 3.5" Long (when closed). The Large is about 4" wide and 6" long when closed. Works well with most of the packers but is a little too small for Juan and other Large styles of packers. Email us at if you have questions about compatibility with a specific Packer in our collection. 

Made of Poly-cotton fabric with removable STRONG magnets. These are a handmade item. Wash gently and be sure to remove the magnets before laundering. 

$ 14.00